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Front Street Station: (North Cumberland, PA)
“Kenton is quite charismatic, engaging his audience as he plays. It was nice to hear his versions of popular, contemporary country songs.  The sound quality was stellar- especially for a one-man ensemble.  Kenton included a few rock songs, which aimed to please all ears listening.  Even those who are not typically country music fans were pleased with his performance!
Seven Points Beach Patio @ Raystown Lake:  (Hesston, PA)
“Outstanding performance from a new, fresh country artist.  Best performance of the year. He has an open invitation to come back anytime!”
Black Bear Tavern:  (McHenry, MD)
“We’ve certainly heard a lot about Kenton and we are very excited to finally get a chance to hear him.  Sure sounds good!”
Following an acoustic performance in Selinsgrove, PA in the late fall of 2015, Sitch was approached by SMG Records Nashville offering to utilize their expertise to help get his musical career to the next level.  Here’s what SMG Records Nashville had to say about Sitch and his performance:
    “We met Kenton Sitch in September 2015 and saw him perform as a contestant in a radio station’s Country Challenge singing competition. He is an amazing singer with a powerful voice and excellent stage presence.  We liked him enough to offer him a label deal and as of today we’re in the process of releasing his first single to Country Radio.”
Steel Notes Magazine’
Jim Allford
Friday December 14, 2018
THE KENTON SITCH BAND is the making of KENTON SITCH. Kenton is from a little boonie town called Saxton, PA. You blink your eyes and your through the town. Kenton has been playing guitar, in and out of the area, for many years with cover bands and some original bands. Kenton is a contemporary county guitarist / vocalist and songwriter and making quite a name fro himself. The ‘live’ band is: KENTON SITCH: Lead vocals and guitars, BRETT RODKEY: Lead guitars / vocals; JAC GASSLER: Bass guitar / vocals and RANDY SERVELLO on drums / vocals. Also his ‘studio’ band is KENTON SITCH: Lead vocals; BACKING VOCALS: COURTNEY DICKENSON and MARK OLIVERIUS; KENTON SITCH and JON CONLEY: Guitars; JIMMY CARTER: Bass and WES LITTLE on Drums. “My First Truck” along with the 4 song EP were recorded at Sonic Eden Studios, Nashville, Tn in conjunction with OMG Nashville and Kinkade Entertainment. Engineered by John Albani and produced by Mark Oliverius. The first song is titled ‘EYES OF BLUE’, with a great guitar intro and sweet melody that will carry you away in minutes. The band is solid as ever and Kenton’s vocals has a natural twang to it. ‘WHEN IT RAINS’ starts out with a rockish guitar riff and backs off a bit as Kenton sings in a low voice. This song has another great melody. ‘YOU’ has a sweet simple rock and roll beat that will have people doing The Line ‘Dance’ in a minute. The band is wrapped tight on every note. ‘LOVER AND A FIGHTER’ is the real gem off of the EP. You can find the songs on iTunes, just search Kenton Sitch, Lover And a Fighter. The melody is great and all the right hooks are at the right place and the band is sweeter than ever. This IS the song that should be on all the Country charts headed to the TOP 10. Please check out THE KENTON SITCH BAND at: and on Facebook. This EP is a must to have on anyone’s musical list. I promise you, you will not regret it. a BIG THANK YOU to Kenton for giving me the opportunity for letting me review this great EP. Please go check him out and see him live if you can. Let him know I sent you. ROCK ON,
JIM ALLFORD [The Steel Notes Magazine].